It’s possible to become physically dependent and addicted to Vicodin, especially after long-term use. If you stop using it, you may also feel withdrawal symptoms, which is why doctors recommend tapering off the drug. Once a physical dependence on Vicodin develops, addiction becomes more likely.

vicodin addiction

As indicated above, some people take Vicodin in a way that they hope will produce a stronger high with a quicker onset. They may mix it with water and inject it or crush the pills into a powder that they snort. Both of these methods are extremely risky, potentially deadly, and indicative of a problem with Vicodin abuse.

Understanding Opioids

Known as aftercare, this phase can, and may very well, last a lifetime. After graduation from a program, it becomes necessary for a person to take even greater control of the recovery process. While there is always professional help and support, recovering people must create and follow their own effective plans of action. Naloxone, often used under the brand name Narcan, has become prominent in the opioid addiction treatment realm.

The One Where Matthew Perry Writes an Addiction Memoir (Published 2022) – The New York Times

The One Where Matthew Perry Writes an Addiction Memoir (Published .

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Methadone is an effective treatment for helping people detox from opioids, but only a federally licensed program or medical hospital can dispense it. Methadone is a long-acting drug that activates the brain’s opioid receptors that helps to curb opioid cravings and minimize relapse risks. Your doctor may recommend you get naloxone (a medicine to reverse an opioid overdose) and keep it with you at all times.

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Vicodin withdrawals can be intense and painful, and many people will continue using Vicodin just to avoid them. It’s important to note the difference between a hydrocodone addiction and physical dependence on the drug. As mentioned before, a medically monitored drug detox program may be right for you. Additionally, inpatient rehab vicodin addiction may be needed in order to address the sources of the addiction and promote long-term success. The physical and psychological distress that comes along with the withdrawal process often leads to relapse. At Narconon, withdrawal is supported with generous doses of nutrition that calm a body’s response to coming off opiates.

vicodin addiction

Hydrocodone and its metabolites (by-products of the drug) are cleared primarily by renal (kidney) excretion. As such, 99% of the administered dose is eliminated within 72 hours. Boxed warnings are safety-related warnings related to a medication causing severe adverse effects or even death.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal

If an individual feels that Vicodin is essential to function during everyday life, an addiction may have developed. Although Vicodin has a legitimate medical purpose, the prescription narcotic is dangerous to those who may take it for the euphoric high it can provide. Hydrocodone addiction can cause serious physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Medically assisted detoxification can help you safely and comfortably detox from the substance. Detox programs use medications for a period of five to seven days while your body withdraws from hydrocodone dependence.

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